100 Oak Road, Collinsville, Virginia
(276) 647-1586

New Here?

Here are answers to the some of the questions most frequently asked by newcomers.

What is your dress code?

Whether casual or dressy, come as you are. Church attire ranges from blue jeans & tee shirts all the way to suits & dresses. Please be comfortable and dress the way you like.

How long are your meetings?

Our service begins at 10:30 am with about 30 minutes of Praise & Worship. Most of our songs are more contemporary with a blend of traditional hymns added here and there. The speaker's message is about 45 minutes. The service generally ends around 12:15 pm.

Do you have something for children & teens?

Kindergarden thru 12th Grade students are dismissed to the adjacent classroom facility for class after Praise & Worship for their own message. Infants and toddlers remain in the Nursery located in the main building for the entire service.

Which Version of the Bible do you use?

The primary Bible version we use during our services is the KIng James Version. Please feel free to use whichever Bible version you prefer.